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Our Story

From humvees to honey bees, we’ve been around the block more than a few times...

Humbees was founded by two Navy SEAL veterans on a mission to help save the bees and Keep America Buzzing.

Why Beekeeping?

What led us from the battlefield to beekeeping was a calling, similar to what pulled us into the military in the first place.

There was an unseen force... a sort of gravitational pull from the universe that guided us down the paths of conservation which eventually led us to study the art of beekeeping.

It began with an interest in mycology (the study of fungi). We learned about the incredible power and importance of mushrooms for healing ourselves. As we continued to learn, we discovered how mushroom mycelium (think of it as the "roots" of mushrooms) has symbiotic relationships with many organisms, and helps balance the health of our planet. We learned of many interconnected species, but one stood out to us as vitally important...

The struggle of the honey bee.

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and varroa mites have been wreaking havoc on the bees, severely diminishing their ability to survive and pollinate plants. This is no small problem. In fact, without healthy bees during bloom time, many of the country's crops would cease to exist...

You're probably thinking that sounds really serious, and it is. Without a solution to Colony Collapse Disorder, the health of our planet and people would remain in great jeopardy. As Paul Stamets said best, "biodiversity is biosecurity."  

When we were presented with an opportunity to start a honey bee farm, we jumped at it. We had the means, we had the passion, and we had the motivation... we had to answer the call. It was time to move into a new form of service to help save the bees.

Our bees reward us in many ways, but one of the most rewarding is the honey they provide, and we are excited to be able to share that golden nectar with the world. Not only is it delicious, but honey has many other health benefits which we will cover soon in a blog post.

We ventured into the apicultural arts (just a fancy way of saying beekeeping) because we were called to it... and because it's important work, not only for the health of the bees, but for all of humanity, and this planet we call home.

We've had many obstacles and roadblocks placed in our path since we began this journey and more are sure to come, but we continue to buzz along on our mission because it matters and so does your support.

So, thank you for "bee-lieving" in us and providing us with the support we need to help save the bees. It's an uphill battle, but people like you help out a lot more than you may know. When you make a purchase or share our content, it helps us get one step further... re-queen a colony... fight off varroa mites... add another hive, or simply raise awareness...

When you choose to buy a product from us, or contract us for service, you don't just become a customer. You become an ally to the bees, and help us greatly on our mission.

Thank you for your support!

Mark & Phil  

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