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"Humbees is a private organization helping to protect the bees, and keep our planet healthy in line with our faith in nature."

Bee Kind

From military service to beekeeping, we have a strong drive to help people. We're passionate about saving the honey bees because they help keep our planet healthy. Bees pollinate over 30% of the world's crops, and over 90% of wild plants. Of course, the honey bee also provides us with delicious, golden honey. But, more importantly, these very busy little bees have been quietly working to help keep the entire planet healthy. Now that their population is in jeopardy, they desperately need some help from us. 

Bee Responsible

We're committed to sustainable growth because bees face a variety of threats from habitat loss to factory farming, herbicides, pesticides, mites, diseases, and more. That constant bombardment is wreaking havoc on bee populations worldwide. This is why our passion doesn’t stop flowing at the honey. We're committed to promoting natural synergistic relationships between plants, animals and fungi by working responsibly and strategically. 

Bee Smart

Our mission extends beyond beekeeping. We're committed to improving local environments by working responsibly and creatively. We focus on holistic approaches, such as incorporating environmental restoration, permaculture and mycoremediation strategies to help cleanse the ecosystem of pollutants. Our mission is simple. Help the bees, help humanity. 

Helping Honey Bees With Mushrooms

Paul Stamets and Steve Sheppard are two scientists from Washington state who have teamed up to save the honey bee. Above is a short video about their unconventional remedy using mushrooms. In the video, they explain how mushrooms are a powerful ally to honey bees, and an invaluable resource for keeping healthy bees.

Support The Humbees Mission

As a service-disabled, veteran-led private membership association and faith-based organization, we're grateful for support from people like you. There are many ways to help support our mission to save the bees, and some of the most helpful are also quick and easy! Even something that you might think of as a small act goes a long way...

A very simple thing you can do right now is to follow Humbees on social media. When you like, share, and comment on our content it helps spread our message to the world.

Join our Buzz Squad Newsletter to keep up with the latest buzz at Humbees. When you join, you'll stay up to date with all the latest Buzz 

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